Annie Cardone has spent many years traveling the world as a model before find her passion in psychology and studying at The American University in Richmond, England. Until recently she was living and working in America for Interluxe Group, a luxury brand marketing agency in South Carolina. This a super high end agency is dedicated to experiential events for the leaders of the automotive industry such as Ferrari, Maserati, Aston Martin and Rolls Royce. Relocating back to the UK was a key move in starting her own business.

Annie started her own boutique marketing agency Foxy Marketing Services in 2020, helping small business owners to have an online presence that takes them to new levels of success. In her down time she is studying to be a counsellor so she can help others who have faced adversity and who want to make a positive change in their lives.

If she is not typing one hundred words a minute for her latest project, then you can find Annie on her road bike, training for 100 mile charity rides across England, Ireland and America raising awareness for Help for Heroes among others.

Annie’s humanitarian work resulted in writing her first book Menopause WTH! which is an in depth look at the impact the endocrine system has on our mind and emotions. It is being published by Pegasus Elliot McKenzie Publishing in 2021. She is currently writing her second book Overcoming, which focuses on building self esteem and self confidence for women.