Menopause and Psychiatry

The fight for women rights started a long time ago and who would think we are still having to fight it in today!  


Sadly I have first hand experience (through peri-menopause) of how women fall victim to the medical and pharmaceutical industries tricks to keep us down and out for the count.  Amazingly enough they work together to keep the money in their bank accounts and women suppressed and it's legal!

The multi-billion dollar drug industry is committing murder right under our nose.  As women we feel helpless enough already as we are going through hormonal changes that can be life threatening for many.  

Women are silenced due to social stigma about aging, humiliation and embarrassment.   We are then taken advantage of and mislead even furthe about what is really going on.  We take what we think is "expert" advice and end up like 1.5 million other American women everyday by taking anti-depressants in the vain hope it will help.  Most side affects of this kind of medication is insomnia and suicide.  

As an example:  The Wellness Clinic chain in America is just one of the guilty culprits in administering "convert belt hormone replacement therapy (HRT), to desperate women, without fully educating or testing them.  I had a very bad experience with this clinic that resulted in nearly losing my life.  They are sadly just one of many.  ER are just as bad as they just call the police and send you to a psych ward!  NO WONDER WOMEN SUFFER IN SILENCE.

It is only when we lose a loved one that the reality sinks in and we often attack the wrong target: god, ourselves, friends, family or we take our lives as a last resort to stop the insanity of what others are doing to us through lack of education and awareness.  

At the core to most suicides there is only one culprit guilty of such heinous crimes and that is psychiatry and the psychiatrist, who are no more than street drug dealers of the modern day.  Actually they are worse as they do it with a smile and a knife behind their back.  "God forgive them as they know not what they do"  does not count as they DO know and continue to reap the financial rewards.

We are being lied to daily by those we are supposed to trust the most, our doctors and medical advisors.  Even the television in America spews out drug commercials endlessly that seep into our children's subconscious and program them to believe it is an answer.  Do the drug companies really believe if they say the side-effects quickly enough we won't hear them?  The more they speed them up the closer I pay attention.

I am only alive today because I am surround by family, friends, my church and my belief that there is a way out of this mess if we join together and speak up.  

If we educate ourselves and those around us as to the harmful effects that psychiatric drugs have only then do we stand a chance of helping people.  They kill no matter how long and fancy the name and how cute the packaging.

This website is a small part of my story and as women we can make a difference.

Annie W. Cardone


Menopause and psychosis


This is a short version of the most horrendous experience I have ever been unfortunate enough to experience.   I am writing a book layout my life and have been taking names for a long time now as the medical profession literally get away with murder.

I hardly any signs of menopause I was more than ready for it to begin. There were no hot flashes, night sweats or other signs that all that my friends were experiencing. I now realize that I was having serious symptoms, that were just not commonly known and completely missed diagnosed by the medical experts both in the UK and America.  

As women we are not prepared or educated to understand peri-menopause (the beginning of the change),  so how are we to identify it when it happens to us?  I believe it is .responsibility of every doctor to know and understand fully the endocrine system before he can be called a "doctor" and this not just be something he/she studies for a few months during their schooling.

March 2013. 

I had just lost my father, who meant the world to me. I thought I was OK and just kept busy, not really giving myself time to grieve, I turned up the volume on work and just became submerged in keeping busy. As I had always been in a rush to go through life I did not realize just how fast life had become, and I could not slow it down. 

Insomnia was the most dramatic change in my routine. After 4 nights of zero sleep and my mind racing I was hospitalized with a full psychotic breakdown. I had no idea of time, where I was, who I was and had no control of my thoughts. I can only compare it to dreaming whilst awake. Once in hospital, sedated by force I slept for 48 hours straight. I woke up almost fully back to myself. I was discharged after a week. No one even mentioned a hormone test or had any idea what had happened.

April 2015

Living back in LA during a very stressful time and a relationship breaking up, I started having sleepless nights again and the same symptoms turning on. My speeding brain that would not quit and my focus on the negative took over. Unfortunately during this time I had an accident and slipped on a pavement and hit my head causing a serious concussion. I now know that medically when you body is injured the hormones retreat from the area causing an imbalance which made the issue even worse.

I admitted myself to hospital and was administered with sedatives, I woke up two days later, I was completely back to my normal self, remembered most of what had happened and just started working out how to get discharged. Whilst under sedation I was sent to a psychiatric ward and held there for 6 days.  On my discharge I was given a huge bag of pills, the psychiatrist told me I would have to take this medication indefinitely and the cost would be $25k per month.  I refused the medication and spent the next six weeks resting, working out, eating well and getting back to my healthy self.

I was completely confused by what happened, embarrassed, humiliated and in silence. There was no point in talking about it as I had no understanding of why it happened.  

A few months later on the advice of a doctor I finally got a hormone test and found out I was in Menopause.  Whilst doctors were finding the right balance of HRT (hormone replacement therapy) I had two more episodes that were life changing.  

I am not a medical expert or professing to be a professional when it comes to the endocrine system but I do know what happened to me and hope my story will have an impact on others so they can prevent this happening to them or their children.

This is a short version of the most horrific period of my life, in which I started to wish I was dead rather than be subjected to the brutal treatment I received at the hands of the police, hospitals and psychiatry.

This is not a cute tale of something that happened that to me that I repeating to get attention, it is clear I would have spoken up before had that been the case.  This is an attempt to change the way we see menopause and to get the medical world to wake up and stop destroying families and the senseless murder (aka suidice) of innocent victims that I spent time with in hospital wards in the UK and USA.  

God only know what it is like for the less fortunate who live in countries like China who really do not give a toss about their elderly. and literally let them die on streets like animals, without dignity, respect or care.

Annie W Cardone


It took one google search to uncover a world that I had no idea existed.  Menopause and psychosis!!

There are pages and pages of case studies of women who are put into psychiatric units for years, drugged, given electric shock treatment, treated for depression etc. Some, like me have lost their jobs, homes, families and dignity, with no idea as to what happened. Their once perfect lives completely destroyed by menopausal psychosis. which is actually just 'lack of sleep'.  Not surprising Hitler used it as a way to torture people, as it really is complete torture in itself as any woman with hormones will tell you.

 It was such a relief to know I am not crazy.  I am just another victim of a completely inadequate medical system, that seems hell bent on making money by prescribing psychiatric drugs. The same thing happens to women just after childbirth, with their child taken into care and they are forced into the psychiatric system.  Sadly, I had a family member who lost his wife to suicide due to this exact same thing.

I was fortunate to  find an amazing book called Menopause and Madness (The Truth About Estrogen and The Mind) by Marcia Lawrence, she wrote it after a terrifying experience almost identical to mine after her husband died.  Amazing how grief can trigger this hormone crash!

I am now on HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) and wills pen my life dedicating it to those who cannot speak for themselves because they have already passed.

To all the women and men who suffer at the hands of psychiatric abuse.  This one is for you.


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